Out With The Old In With The New, Save The Sentiment Spurs

The season got underway last weekend with Spurs suffering a disappointing 2-1 loss to Newcastle. However, the result didn’t seem to go our way the tactics that AVB began to implement in the opening game showed promise with most players being comfortable pressing high up the pitch and playing a free flowing attacking line. Bale seemed to relish the opportunity of cutting inside a little more often and Lennon appeared to have more targets in the box whenever he skinned a defender and looked to put the ball in the box. We also got to see Siggy make his debut and even though no wonder goals as we were promised he looks to play a big part in AVB’s plans. His playing style seemed to suit the middle of an attacking four, just behind the striker, and it makes me wonder whether Modric could have played in that position. Having said that Siggy looks like he can link up the midfield and attack whilst also dropping deep to collect the ball from our defence. Added to the prospect of him scoring some absolute beauties this season he looks super exciting and I can’t wait to see him at the Lane for his home debut. One doubt I do have, however, is that he appears similar to Hudd….. Perhaps thats just me but it links nicely to my next paragraph.

Part of AVB’s plan is to do a small overhaul of the Spurs squad. Just shoving some of the old guard to the back of the pecking order, like he did at Chelsea, wouldn’t really have worked. The players would have become agitated as to not getting regular first team football and thus we would have the same problem as Chelsea, only with less money…

The clear out kinda started yesterday with Bassong agreeing to move to Norwich, for an undisclosed fee- believed to be up to £5 million, pretty good for a player who never reached his potential despite helping Spurs in the Champions League. He never really jelled with the team and as a result had good and bad games. One minute he performed a wonderful goal saving tackle the next he would be two yards behind a striker who had turned him. So all the best and thanks for everything but you just lacked something at Spurs.

Now onto Huddlestone, barring his injuy he was key to helping us securing and playing Champions League football in the past few seasons. He gave us an outlet and was wonderful at picking out Bale and Lennon when all other outlets were closed. One minute we would be in trouble, pass it to Hudd, and then we were suddenly breaking. Admittedly he had his flaws, his pace, slow turning circle but his keen attitude and bullet shots make up for them. Having played for Spurs since 2005 its kinda sad to see the news headlines saying Hudd’s on his way to Stoke… Looking at AVB and our current group of players, Hudd doesn’t quite fit, however much I play around with it in my head. I don’t think he’d suit the fast attacking football and the high pressure game AVB has in mind. Especially after coming back from a season out with injury. All I want to say is thanks Hudd, you’ll do brilliantly well at Stoke- pinging the ball all over the pitch. And I’ve got to remember its only a loan!! One season and he could be back at the lane, or even in January if the club decide to recall him back to the squad. Nether the less he will be missed, I’ve spoken to a few fans and we all agree he had something few others had. No doubt he’ll go on to do great things, whether with Tottenham or without, and at least his first game for Stoke will be Arsenal!!! Tear them apart Hudd, we all know you’ve got the pace to do it 😉

And finally I come to Dawson. When we needed a leader he was there, when no one tried and everyone didn’t want to wear the shirt Daws was always there. Helping the team through, and why, because he learnt to defend and to lead from the best, Ledley King. With those two in the centre of Tottenham’s defence we were a force to be reckoned with. He was never the fastest in defence yet he learned from Ledley that pace wasn’t everything, and also went on to captain our side for long periods of time. Injurys plagued his career and although we had long periods of awesome dawson, we also had long periods without. Causing us to buy Gallas and Nelson, I must add both are very good at reading the game despite their lack of pace. So again another play I admire for being a Spurs legend. I can’t mention everything but I did enjoy watching Dawson, if for the occasional thwack up the pitch to Crouchy, ok admitted it was more than an occasional thwack. But he played with intelligence learned for the King and continued improving every game saving us on a few occasions. I was also proud to call him our captain because of the way he wore the shirt. A Spurs legend despite the lack of trophies and continued disappointment, joined the same year as Hudd, but not leaving as a lone, leaving for good. Bye Daws and thanks, i’ll continue to follow your career and hopefully we’ll see success for England??? Future captain?? Who knows?? I’ll let you off for leaving for another London club cause of the attitude you’ve always shown to Spurs. He arrived a youngster, leaves a veteran plagued with injuries, at least we had one good Champions League run with you!

So AVB is he doing it right, or wrong??? Well we’ll have to wait and see! But its definitely going to be exciting- with expectations higher than ever it’ll be great to see some new faces at the Lane, Vertonghen and Siggy. If all Spurs fans are as excited as me the atmosphere will be electric in our wonderful little stadium! All eyes are on AVB now, lets hope he can produce. Oh and Modric, either go and let us have the money or play and play better than ever before. Thanks Rob!


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