Give It Time Spurs

Two points out of a possible nine from the first three games. Granted we were against relatively minor teams whom pose less of a threat to us than others but its still not time to start worrying yet. AVB has just come in and we have to give him time to implement his style. The players have to get used to it and the new transfers have to be eased into the team. So lets look at the tactics, think about what we’ve done and all remember that we;re part of one big happy spurs family.

Now I was at White Hart Lane for both home games this season, and for West Brom the crowd were excitable and spurs showed glimpses of some of the best form in years. But for the Norwich game, the team were lacking… Passing was sloppy, no-one was positioned correctly when it was needed, and of course no modrić to save the day with a simple pass to bale every few minutes. Although only 2 new signing were in the team the passing wasn’t fluid and no-one took control of the game. I think our most creative player for most of the first half was Gallas and that tells you something, seeing as who was in our side. But like most defenders when nothings given a good ol thwack up the pitch seems like a good option. No offense Gallas but he should relise, with his experience, that with Defoe as a lone striker thwacking the ball up the pitch is not a good idea. At times Livermore tried to come and collect the ball but he’s no modrić and passes were going astray and rash balls being misplaced. Sandro was strong and confident which was good to see in a CDM but his passes and bold challenges were letting the team down. Vertonghen was classy as per normal and showed glimpses of brilliance. Friedel was amazing keeping spurs in the game that first half. BAE was tired and that showed with the fouls and late challenges. Siggy tried to play balls through and connect the team but having only just joined he didn’t seem comfortable and was clearly no VDV or Modrić. Defoe is not a lone striker no matter what people say, and seeing as we’ve got Ade back AVB should put him on instead. When Bale and Lennon got the ball there was general excitement around the ground and the performed well in the wide role, but with no-one creating they held on to the ball and tried to do it themselves, with little success.

Everything changed in the second half, all because of Dembelé who will easily become a fan favourite if he plays like that! Confidence, a calm head and an eye for goal. AVB got that change right and i feel the reason we we’re lacking in the first half was because of the two holding midfielders. At one point Sandro dropped back into the defence!!! We pretty much had a back five. Thats not spurs. We are known for our attacking fluidity, not for a five at the back parking the bus style. Granted it worked for Chelsea, but that was against Barcelona away not Norwich at home! Not that Redknapp was a football tactic guru but he knew that at home one CDM is all you need, rarely did we see Sandro and Livermore except when holding on to a game in the last few minutes.  Admittedly we don’t have Parker at the moment and when he comes back he should play instead of both Sandro and Livermore, for the time being, but he’s no Modrić. He can pass but not like Luka. I’m annoyed spurs didn’t grab Moutinho and have no clue why we didn’t get our man, but we’ve got some creativity in our team. I’m going to put the team that I think should have started against Norwich.


Walker, Gallas, Verthonghen, BAE

Sandro, Dembelé

Lennon, Siggy, Bale



Firstly we wouldn’t have lost the ball as much when going for the long ball up front.

Secondly Dembelé is infinitely more creative than Livermore. As shown by the second half performance. Yes, Sandro deserved to go off but I wouldn’t have known that at the start of the game. Dembelé could link up the defence and the attack similarly to Modrić.

I believed putting Hudd on for Defoe was a good idea, as he provided another outlet with his long yet accurate passing. I don’t think he deserved to get sent off, even if he was a bit late, it was not an aggressive tackle and both players went for it.

With the addition of Lloris and Dempsey, I think spurs will begin the improvement next game, but we must give it time. Lloris should be eased into the team, playing cup games then joining in with the league after Christmas when games build up. Friedel continuing for another season. He should be encouraged to learn about the english game from Friedel and then we will have possibly the best keeper in the league.

Redknapp may not have known the ins and outs of tactics but one thing that I noted from his time as manager was the fact that he rarely played both Lennon and Bale for every game. He did for games like this (those we should win) but to be more comfortable he played VDV instead of Lennon. So I’m going to propose a counter formation to the one most people might think we should play.

Friedel (or Lloris)

Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, BAE

Parker, Hudd

Dempsey, Dembelé, Bale


4-2-3-1 mainly because AVB likes this formation and it would be more stable whilst also allowing us to have attacking threat.

So no more booing please, I understand your paying so you want to see good football but it will take time to adapt to AVB’s style. Remember we’re all one big happy spurs family


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One response to “Give It Time Spurs

  1. I think Dembele will prove to be a really good signing for Spurs, unfortunately I’m a Fulham fan and he will be sorely missed here 😦

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